Furifu’s Furisode


We have three furisode plans: purchase / rental and mama furisode. Please feel free to contact the store.

Furisode Event


Furifu holds various events in a year. We look forward to your participation so that you can meet your favorite furisode.


Furisode fitting event

We have a large number of venue-limited patterns that you cannot usually see at Furifu stores. We accept both purchase and rental.

Main venues
Tokyo Daikanyama * Held irregularly (at the time of holding, we will inform you on the HP and each SNS)

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Kimono Nikoisuru Seasonal Exhibition

This is a large-scale event where you can quickly see maker-selected products and products of popular artists, such as kimonos, obi, and accessories that you can’t usually see in stores, centering on the new furisode.

Last year’s venue
Tokyo Akihabara UDX

Last year’s event joint opening
Frotta Rossa (Kimono) / KIIRO (Kimono) / Shiorian (Kimono) / Chie Suzuki (Geta writer) / Petaco (Japanese accessories) etc.

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A “photo session” with your family on an important anniversary. Why don’t you make various memories into a lifelong treasure?


We also accept various requests such as dressing, hair set, makeup, number of shooting cuts, album packaging, etc.

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Recommended coordination


Introducing the recommended coordination of the new furisode by the Furifu staff.

  • Furifu Shinjuku store RUMNE
    Height: 155cm

I tried geometric retro coordination with Maribonbon Furisode!

To match the round pattern of the Temari, the sash band is also a dot & # x2764; ︎ It’s cute, and I tried to use red as the main accessory!
It’s a color that seems to be an adult ceremony!

The seijin-shiki is a once-in-a-lifetime gorgeous event, so it is a must to wear it a little more gorgeously than usual ♪

It’s a good choice to think “Is it a little too gorgeous?”, So please choose with [your own personality and gorgeousness on a sunny day] & # x263a; ︎

You can wear it not only for seijin-shiki but also for graduation ceremonies, New Year’s, parties, etc.!

  • Furifu Chiba store rina
    Height: 158cm

I tried to be aware of the trendy off-white one-tone coordination.
As the name of “cocoa gingham” suggests, the main coordination is the beige x off-white gingham check.

Of course, the gingham check is unique, but it has been loved in Japan since ancient times.
Rangiku, plum, and cherry blossoms are also drawn together, making it a design that values ​​tradition!

It’s a special piece that you can cherish both your personality and tradition ♡

Put pearls and frills on the neckline and hair ornaments …
Let’s produce “cute” without fail ♪

  • Furifu Nagoya store Futaba
    Height: 153cm

& # x2734; ︎ A black lace outfit that captures your eyes with the rental furisode “Hanagameko (off-white)” & # x2734; ︎

The trendy plain furisode is made more individual with a black lace mix!
It also mixes with the Western atmosphere, so you can wear large earrings or rings, or even boots at your feet. ◎

Black lace is put around the collar and sleeves, but if you bring a obi with a classic pattern firmly, you can suppress the sweetness and produce coolness ◎

“I’m longing for white furisode, but pure white is aiming for trends too much …”
“I want to have a different styling than everyone else!”
It is also recommended for those who say ◎

  • Furifu Chiba store rina
    Height: 158cm

I tried to coordinate with the “scale” pattern furisode as the main item with a cool taste! The feature of this furisode is … the design of the left and right patterns is different. !!
At first glance, it looks like a stylish and modern pattern, but it is an auspicious pattern that has been loved since ancient times because it has the meaning of amulets and evil spirits. Not only is it fashionable, but it also has a pattern that is full of Japanese tradition. If you know it, you will feel attached to it ◎

Although it has a unique design, it has a clean monotone color scheme, so it is one of the recommended points to have a wide range of coordination!
Of course, it is recommended that you add your favorite color to the accessories like me, as well as the monotone coordination that matches the furisode, because it gives you a special feeling.

  • Furifu Shinjuku store RUMNE
    Height: 155cm

Furisode coordination & # x2764; ︎

Brown x white natural modern outfit!

The tint block has a flower-shaped shell pattern, and it is casually cute. The place where you are particular about the collar and the obi area is a plain and fun place, isn’t it? & # X263a; ︎

This time, I tried to make it gorgeous with a three-dimensional effect while suppressing the color. The point is the fluffy sash ♪

Even short stature can make the area around the face gorgeous and suppress the sluggishness, so you can wear it in plain color!



The Furisode / Hakama Furisode Account (@furifu_ceremony) provides information on new furisode, kimono accessories, and event news.



From the contents of the bag required on the day, we will introduce in detail in the reel video such as how to walk beautifully when you come to furisode.