Privacy Policy

Mimatsu Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “our company”) considers the protection of customer privacy to be extremely important.
We strive to safely protect your personal information and matters related to privacy (hereinafter referred to as “personal information, etc.”), clarify the purpose of use, and ensure accurate information. This privacy policy indicates that our company will comply with relevant laws and regulations when handling customers’ personal information, etc., and will manage it appropriately. This privacy policy applies to information collected on all websites and stores operated by our company. We do not take responsibility for the use of information provided to websites operated by other companies on links from our website.
Collection of personal information, etc.
When we receive your personal information, we will clearly indicate the purpose and method of use, etc. to the customer in advance, and collect it within the appropriate means and scope. In principle, the purpose of use is limited to the following cases.

– To provide products and services required by customers
– To improve customer service
– To notify customers of new products and services
Use of personal information, etc.
We will not use your personal information for purposes other than those specified to you, except for legitimate reasons such as when permitted by law. However, it may be used to collect statistical data such as the number of customers, sales, and browsing methods on the website without identifying individual customers.
Provision of Personal Information, etc. to Third Parties
We will not provide your personal information, etc. to a third party without your consent. However, in cases where it is based on laws and regulations, when personal information, etc. is necessary for the protection of human life, body, or property, and when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer, or when otherwise permitted by laws and regulations, etc. except if there is.
Management of personal information, etc.
We will properly manage personal information, etc. according to each purpose of use. For this reason, we will appoint a person responsible for managing personal information, etc., and implement security measures against unauthorized access, loss, falsification, and leakage of personal information, etc.
Consignment of personal information, etc.
We may entrust the handling of personal information as part of our business to a company with which we have concluded a contract including a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and have a partnership. We do not use personal information.
In addition, we require the companies that have established these partnerships to handle personal information in the same manner as we do, and we supervise their business execution.
Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Use, Deletion, etc. of Personal Information
If a customer requests disclosure, correction, suspension of use, deletion, etc. of their own personal information managed by the Company, the Company will, for the purpose of preventing leakage of the customer’s personal information, We will respond appropriately after requesting confirmation.
About cookies
We use cookies on some pages of this site for the purpose of improving customer convenience, statistics on site browsing status, and optimal site display.
Cookies are what makes web use optimal. When a customer visits this site, the browsing history of the site sent and received between the customer’s computer and our group’s server, statistical information of input contents, etc. are saved on the customer’s computer. The information recorded by this cookie does not identify an individual customer.
About deleting cookies
Customers can refuse to send and receive cookies by changing their own cookie settings. The setting method differs depending on the browser. For information on how to set cookies, please refer to the help of your browser. If you refuse to accept cookies, you may not be able to use the services of some sites.
Use of Google Analytics
This site uses “Google Analytics” provided by Google for site analysis and improvement.
This service uses cookies to collect traffic data. Traffic data is collected anonymously and is not personally identifiable.
Services related to this site use Google Analytics to investigate and analyze customer usage and usage patterns. Data collected through the use of Google Analytics is managed based on Google’s privacy policy.
For details on Google Analytics and opt-out procedures, please refer to “Google Analytics Terms of Service” “How Google uses information from sites and apps that use our services“.
About personalized advertising
In order to use the advertisement distribution service on this site, behavioral information (access status, traffic, routing, etc.) may be acquired and used by cookies issued by affiliated third parties. Cookies recorded on this site are used only for these purposes and are not used for any other purposes. For information on how to stop providing information to ad distribution service partners, please contact each company. You can also check from the URL of the major partner companies listed below.

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Please be aware that when you voluntarily disclose personal information, that information may be collected and used by other users.
If you disclose your personal information online where anyone can access it, you may receive unwanted messages from others.
Please make your own judgment regarding the disclosure of personal information.
We will comply with the laws and regulations applicable to personal information held by this site, and will review and improve our efforts related to the above as appropriate.
Notification of changes
If we change our privacy policy, we will post the changes on our website.
Contact us
If you wish to disclose, stop using, correct, or delete personal information, or have any questions or inquiries regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact the Mimatsu Customer Service Office.
Phone Number : 0120-033330 Weekdays 10:00-17:00
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