Here is for frequently asked questions about furisode rental.

About rental products

Can I choose a combination of kimono, obi and accessories?
You can choose your favorite combination from 25 kimono patterns, 20 bag bands, 7 accessories, and 3 colors of sandals and bags.
Can I choose the size?
It will be one size fits all. Adaptation height is about 155 cm to about 170 cm.
Can I buy rental products?
We accept purchases of all products. Delivery time is about two months. If you wish to purchase rental products that are not listed on the mail order site, please contact the Furifu official or each store.
Do you have anything to prepare yourself?
It is basically a set that you can wear as a set. Only hygiene products such as underwear and hair accessories are prepared by yourself.
Is it possible to try on all the patterns posted on the homepage and mail order site at the store?
Is possible. Since the inventory is shared between the store and the mail-order site, products that are sold out on the mail-order site may also be sold out at the store. For more information, please contact Furifu official or each store.
Do you handle products other than those listed on the website?
The products posted on the homepage are the entire lineup. Depending on the period, there are also events that handle limited patterns. For more information, please contact Furifu official or each store.

About the contract

Where can I make a reservation?
Reservations can be made at each Furifu store, official online shopping site, official Rakuten site, and official YAHOO! Site.
Which method is possible for over-the-counter payment?
Cash, credit card, electronic money, etc. are possible. For more information, please contact each store or the commercial facility that contains the pretend you plan to visit.
Can I cancel? Is there a cancellation fee?
We accept. There is no cancellation fee within 8 days from the contract date. A 30% cancellation fee will be charged from the 9th day of the contract until October 31st of the previous year, and a 100% cancellation fee will be charged after November 1st.
* Items such as small items purchased at the same time as the contract are considered as a rental set. * If you wish to cancel items such as small items at the same time, we will accept the same rate of cancellation fee.
Is it possible to change the product after the contract?
We accept orders within 8 days from the contract date. After that, the normal cancellation fee will be charged.
Can I make a reservation even if the coming-of-age ceremony is not scheduled?
At the time of contract, you can enter the schedule temporarily. After that, please change it by yourself on My Page by October 20th.
Is it possible to use it for other than the coming-of-age ceremony?
Is possible. It may be difficult to make a reservation for a schedule that cannot be accepted or just before, so please contact the Furifu official or each store for details.
Is it possible to make a temporary contract or reserve the product?
We do not accept provisional contracts or reserves. Payment is required at the time of contract.

About use

How many days can I rent?
It will be rented for about two months.
When should I schedule the pre-shooting?
It will arrive at the specified address around November 20th of the previous year, so please do so after the end of November. You can wear it as many times as you like from arrival to the return deadline.
Do you have services for dressing, hair making, and pre-shooting?
In 2022, we are planning to hold a photo session for furisode pre-shooting with a limited number of people. Details will be announced on the website as soon as they are decided. In addition, we have affiliated studios, so please contact Furifu official or each store for details.
Can I get it delivered to the hairdresser?
There is no problem if you consult with a hairdresser. However, in the unlikely event that there is an error in the product, we may not be able to respond immediately before. Please be sure to request confirmation of the contents. In addition, we are not responsible for any loss or damage if the delivery address is not your home.


Do you support the cancellation of the coming-of-age ceremony due to coronavirus?
There is a refund system. Please refer to this page for details.