Rental Usage


Click here for the usage flow and precautions regarding furisode rental.

1. Application Apply and pay at each Furifu store and each online store
* You can actually try it on at the Furifu store.
2. Product delivery We will deliver to the specified delivery destination in early November * of the previous year.
Example: January 2022 Coming-of-age ceremony is early November 2021
3. Arrival of goods Please be sure to check that the items you received are correct and correct.
If the product is different from what you applied for, please contact the store where you applied.
4. Return of goods Please return the product within 8 days after using it at the coming-of-age ceremony. Please use the delivery slip enclosed with the product to ship it by yourself.
* Shipping is free for both round trips.

Please check the following for compatibility with the new coronavirus.

About correspondence of new coronavirus

Furisde Rental


Full 8-piece set
You can choose your favorite furisode and sash.

Items to be prepared by the customer by the day

The following items are not included in the rental items, so please bring your own.

We do not accept rentals as individual items.

We do not provide services such as dressing, hair making, and photography for customers who have made a rental kimono contract. So thank you for your understanding.