Personal color


Personal colors are colors that match or match the individuality of your skin, such as skin color and eye color. Apply a color drape under the face to diagnose the harmony between people (skin color, eye color, hair color, etc.) and color from the four perspectives of “hue,” “brightness,” “saturation,” and “clearness.” Derives a suitable color range (four seasons).

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Skeletal style


Just as each person’s face is different, the characteristics of the natural skeleton, the way muscles and fat are attached, and the balance of the center of gravity are different. Of the clothes you have, there are some that look good or don’t look good, and some that you don’t wear as you buy them. thing. A qualified fashion analyst will look at the overall balance and teach you the skeletal style that suits you.

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Online service


In online customer service, staff with specialized knowledge receive questions and consultations online. (Reservation required) Please feel free to make a reservation if you have any problems such as product details or coordination.

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