Yukata dressing

Yukata dressing

For the first time, i'll deli
ver the basic yukata dressing H
OW TO in the video to those who wear yukata after a long time.

Items to be used for dressing

Step1. Prepare the item to be used for dressing

Items to be used for dressing

1 strip / 2 waist straps / 1 slip / Correction pad / dressing clip / Date jime 1 pcs / Japanese underwear (Japanese-style bra)

The above items are the basic items.Besides this, the chest is hard to stick when there is a corinbelt, and it is possible to dress more beautifully.
First of all, I put on Japanese underwear and wear a kimono slip.Wear a correction pad from the top to eliminate waist fatigue and the difference between the chest and stomach.The correction pad can be substituted with a long and narrow towel, such as a sports towel.In the case of a towel, please fix it with a waist string.

Match the hem of yukata

Step2.Align yukata's hem

Match the hem of yukata

The hem of yukata is matched together, and the yukata is woven symmetrically.The seam of the center of the yukata is arranged so that it comes to the center of the back, and the hem is matched to the ankle.

step3.Wrap yukata

Wrap the yukata

Align the line of the body and the hem of yukata, and wrap it so that the left is in front.In this case, it is a point to lift the right hem on diagonally a little and to wind it.By lifting the right and dressing, the hem does not spread, it becomes a beautiful wearing appearance.

step4.Tie and fix one butterfly with waist string

At the waist strap, tie one bow and fix

Tie the waist strap at the waist position.
In this case, the center of the waist string is turned from the front of the body to the back, it crosses, and it ties it in front.
Check if the hem is not spread, and stretch the wrinkles and thighs to prepare.
When you put your hand through a hole called "eight mouths" that are open to the armpit, it is easy to stretch wrinkles, such as the back part.

Match yukata’s collar

Step5.Align yukata's collar

Match yukata’s collar

Adjust the missing condition of the collar to three fingers as a guide.It is also said that it is one fist.

Step6.Tie the waist string under the chest

Tie the waist strap below the chest

The opening of the collar should be adjusted to the extent that the hollow of the throat can be seen, and the collar is not too open or too clogged.
The waist strap is crossed at the back as before, and the string is turned twice in front before it crosses from side to side.The excess string is fastened to the string which is wound and fixed.
The wrinkles on the back side extend from side to side and hide them on the side.In this case, i can extend it neatly when I put a finger from the part under the waist string and extend it to the side and the hem side.Make sure you don't have a thigh on your back.

Trim the edges

step7.Prepare the

Trim the edges

Put your right hand in the right part of the area and straighten the back and forth underline.
At this time, adjust it so that it is the length that three fingers come out about when the underline is connected.If it's too long, let's lift it up a bit.

step8.Tie date jime

Tie Date Jime

In order to fix the position and collar of the arranged rice, tie the date jiji, and hold it down.
Like a waist string, the center of the date tightening is applied to the front, it crosses at the back, the string is turned twice in front, and it crosses from side to side.The excess string is fastened to the string which is wound and fixed.



Yukata's dressing is complete.

How was it?
I don't think there are any people who can dress well at once.Please try to practice at home.
If you are still uneasy, we offer dressing lessons to customers who purchase yukata and obi at furifu's store.
Because it becomes a limited time, please contact the store staff for details.

※It is a service only for the actual store.If you buy in an online shop, it won't apply.
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