Ajisaibiyori   pop-up event

Ajisaibiyori pop-up event


From this weekend, we will hold a pop-up event of Furifu Select items at the store!
This is a chance to quickly see new products from each manufacturer, such as kimonos, obi, and accessories that are not normally seen in stores.
※ The duration varies depending on the store.

What is the other world of cats…?Cats happily cross the Sanzu River.At first glance it looks like hell, and if you look closely, it's a kimono that depicts a world of fun paradise where cats spend their free time. In line with this, the obi is a picture of a cat enma holding a trial with a mirror that reflects everything he did in his life.
[Busho-an] kimono "Hell Gokuraku neko" ¥68,000 +tax single drum bag belt "Cat Enma" ¥48,000 +tax

Why don't you make your own special piece?"Shiori-an" kimono, a long-established manufacturer of Juban in Kyoto, as well as the tailoring of Juban and Haori are also very popular.
Small items using Wana Velvet will also be in stock!

Original lace with the motif of antique lace design.A special piece that incorporates the soft atmosphere of the lace into the furisode.
Coordinate a once-in-a-lifetime special day.

6/25 (thu)-28 (sun) Ikebukuro, Chiba, Shizuoka, Tennoji
7/2 (thu)-5 (sun) Shibuya, Shinjuku, Chofu, Nagoya
7/9 (thu)-12 (sun) Kichijoji, Kawasaki, Sendai, Albi Osaka

※ This event will be a reservation priority.If you would like to see it smoothly, please contact each shop and make a reservation.
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