NEW Arrival April-vol.2

NEW Arrival April-vol.2


April is the start of the new 2020 yukata. LOOK Introducing the yukata posted here, along with accessories recommended by Furifuka buyers.

Bibide Ribbon

This is the main textile with the image of this season's theme "MAGIC".It is a color difference of LOOK publication.The point is a pattern that looks like a magic spell on a ribbon.The belt is also a ribbon motif.If it is monotone, it is not too sweet and can use it for adults.I feel like i'm wearing a glittery jewelry-like band.

Bibide ribbon 58,000yen (tax excluded)
Magic of ribbon half width band 17,000yen (tax excluded)
Julie Obi strap 3,000yen (excluding tax)

Magic Bouquet

The switching between the leaf pattern of hemp and the western flower is new.The image of the bouquet that the magician put out.It is a material with a sense of transparency, and femininity is also in a stylish atmosphere.Coordination in the item that worked neon color!To you that is not enough for just a classic pattern.

Magic bouquet 42,000yen (tax excluded)
Mesh neon kasane 9,500yen (tax excluded)
Neon color ball hairpin 4,200yen (tax excluded)

Witch Cat Odd Eye

Bi-coloryukata with striped jacquard fabric.After all, the charm point is the cat face of the back.With a brooch that can be attached to the eye part of the cat in addition.I dare to dress it shortly, and a feeling of mode with the attack with the knitting ribbon plenty.

Witch Cat Odd Eye 37,000yen (tax excluded)
Ribbon geta 23,000yen (tax excluded)

We spend a lot of time at home these days.It might be a change of pace to wear Japanese clothes at home once in a while.
Looking forward to the day when you can go out, delusion styling is also fun
Would you try to raise the mood with yukata and accessories of furifu.