NEW Arrival May-vol.1

NEW Arrival May-vol.1


The climate is already reminiscent of early summer. I can’t go out much at the moment, but it makes me feel a bit better if I wear what I like at home.
This time, I would like to introduce recommended clothes for buyers who can relax and wear on holidays and working from home.

Pigeon Garden Side Pleated Dress

An asymmetrical dress with pleated textile parts on the sides. A layered style of loose pants for your time at home. Relax with elastic material.

Pigeon Garden Side Pleated Dress ¥18,800 +tax

Maihana Tulle Dress

ONLINE limited items.A patchwork piece of "Maihana" textiles.Because it is a one piece of the T-shirt type, it is comfortable comfort.The sheer feeling of tulle softens the black x red color scheme unique to “Japan”.

Maihana Tulle Dress ¥16,800 +tax ※ONLINE limited items

Pigeon Garden 2WAY Blouse / Lace Switching Skirt

Blouse that has become 2WAY specification before and after.If you want feminine styling, match the lace patchwork skirt.There is a feeling neatly, too, but the waist is actually total rubber, so it is very comfortable to wear.The strap is velcro and it is a sabo sandals of easy attachment and putting on the foot.

Pigeon Garden 2WAY Blouse ¥15,800 +tax
Lace switching skirt ¥16,000 +tax
V-cut sabo sandals ¥14,000 +tax ※ONLINE limited items

I want to be relaxed, but I want to be fashionable! There are many people who say that. Why don’t you try relaxing and fashionable items with furifu items?


Currently, ONLINE STORE has a special feature that picks up the color and textiles that give you the feeling of a relaxed silhouette in your daily clothes.
We also offer items that you can buy a little deals, so please take a look!
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