NEW Arrival June-vol.1 Attention to summery coloring and materials!

NEW Arrival June-vol.1 Attention to summery coloring and materials!


As the rainy season approaches, you want something more comfortable to wear and a color that will make you feel better.This time you can wear more cool, it is an introduction of styling that focuses on the summer items.

Is it in the sea?Tarot Marble

The setup style that combines the textile "Tarot Marble" at the top and bottom.
The textiles of marble dyed in the factory which has the only dyeing technique in the world are familiar in Furifu.There are a lot of fans, too.It seems to be sucked into the one-tone blue. Yellow neon color is added at points to make it look like summer.
In fact, this blouse and skirt are both excellent to wear in two or three ways. Let’s find your best coordination.

・Tarot Marble Oversized Blouse ¥16,000 +tax
・Tarot marble over skirt ¥21,800 +tax

No discomfort with rib material

This is a very popular one-piece.And, it is one piece which dropped the shape of the collar of the kimono into the detail.It is a beautiful item silhouette to show such as decorte part beautifully.
What I want to pay attention to this time is a deformed woven material with rib used in the plain part.There is a feeling of irregularity, there is a feeling of shari with a dry touch because the area that hits the skin is small.At this time, if there is such a material, heavy rotation will occur.
Enjoy one piece of easy coordination!

・Okra Star Kimono Collar Back Open Dress ¥18,000 +tax
・Triangle Rattan tote ¥16,000 +tax

Vitamin color to make a surprise

A t-shirt with a focus on sleeve details and a pleated skirt make it easy to create a stylish summer outfit.
The zigzag color scheme skirt which is popular as a standard item of furifu appeared in the vitamin color .The vivid bi-color of lemon yellow and cyan blue makes you feel better during the rainy season.Wearing trendy silver sandals, the skirt is the main styling.

Zigzag color scheme skirt ¥18,500 +tax
Papageno embroidery T-shirt ¥9,800 +tax
Cross belt double sole sandals ¥16,000 +tax

The hot and humid season of Japan is about to come.This year, more masks are also required!When it comes to appearance and mood, coolness is important.Try adding cool furifu items to your wardrobe this summer, both design and comfort.