NEW Arrival June-vol.2 <br>Natural Furifu x Retro Yanesen walk

NEW Arrival June-vol.2
Natural Furifu x Retro Yanesen walk


The season for yukata is here! Fireworks and festivals are good, but this year we recommend taking a stroll through the retro town. Would you like to go to the nostalgic city of Tokyo, Yanesen with a yukata?
Introducing the styling and recommended spots of Furifu's 2nd Line "Natural Furifu".

100-year-old stone storehouse and classical yukata

A piece of sunflowers that are bathed in the sun and full of energy dyed in navy blue and white.The obi is also adjusted to a white background to become a dignified woman. A rattan basket bag creates a natural atmosphere.
If you're going in a tastefully coordinated sunflower yukata, we recommend having lunch in a historic architecture.

Nezu Kamachiku is located a 5-minute walk from Nezu Station.This udon shop was renovated and renovated by the design of Kengo Kuma, famous for the National Stadium, a brick stone store built in 1910.
If you eat in yukata, cold zaru udon!The condiments of green onions, ginger, and fried balls are also unbearable.The calm interior where you can take a break while looking at the courtyard is recommended for dating and women's parties.
Natural Furifu Sunflower ¥15,800 Glitter belt ¥16,000 Stitch Chiriri Obijime ¥9,000 Goldfish Julie Obidome ¥4,800 furifu Enamel Geta ¥16,800 (all tax excluded)

A thousand torii gate and the cat sheltering in the rain

The owner of the cute silhouette and footprints seen from inside the umbrella is kitten-chan.With a belt that uses three colors, red, black, and white, to match the yukata, a rounded cat accessory is attached to give a sense of unity.
If you want to go with impressive red coordination, go to Nezu Shrine where the torii gate is photogenic.

Nezu Shrine is located close to udon shops.There seems that there is also “Otome Inari” that benefits from “love luck” in the precincts.The Senbon Torii Gate, which runs from near the entrance to Otome Inari, is a push.It is a spot that makes you want to take a picture involuntarily.
This time, I tried to purchase the goshu stamp book for the first time.Nezu Shrine's original goshu insho is designed with azaleas and precincts that bloom as many as 3,000 plants in season.I am very satisfied to receive a good seal.This is a feeling of my boom.
Natural Furifu Cat Rain Shelter ¥15,800 Switching Color Belt ¥10,000 Stitch Chiri Obi ¥9,000Odd Eye Cat obidome ¥ 5,800 Pearl Geta ¥13,800 Ponpon Chrysanthemum Clip ¥6,800 (all tax excluded)

Fluffy shaved ice and fresh fruit

It is a lemon that gives a modern impression, but in fact, it has been used as a pattern of yukata for a long time, and it has been loved.The berltcharm of the pearl shell is combined, and a fresh impression is added further.
Wearing fresh lemons that seem to be summer, I want to visit there in Yanesen and it is very popular there!

A 10-minute walk from Nezu, we went to Yanaka Ginza.Himitsudo is a shaved ice specialty store that has been booming in recent years.The exterior and shaved ice making machine can also be enjoyed in an unusual atmosphere with a retro atmosphere.I ate “Pineapple Zanmai”. Pineapple syrup with pineapple is a luxurious dish. The fluffy ice and honey handmade on the tired body are soothing.
Natural Furifu Lemon ¥15,800 Switching Color belt ¥10,000 Stitch Chiri Band ¥9,000Pearl Shell Band ¥4,800 Furfu Enamel Geta ¥16,800 (all tax excluded)

Foreign Art and Summer Traditions

A goldfish yukata that swims in a hydrangea pond.Of course, it is a goldfish motif that I want to match around the obi.The embroidery half-width band, which expresses underwater abubu, with woven obi gives a cool impression.In addition, it produces a back figure like a tail fin in the Heko belt with a sense of sheerness and firmness.
If you want to take advantage of the coordination that gorgeousness and coolness coexist, colorful here!

“ZAKURO Ranpuya” is located in a shopping street in Yanaka Ginza.The first Turkish mosaic lamp specialty store in Japan.Lamps made from materials imported directly from Turkey are lined up.We also have a workshop on making lamps, so you can make your own original lamps.
This picture is daytime, but when you go from evening to night, the light of the colorful lamp is beautiful!It is also good to come into contact with the culture of other countries while wearing kimono.
Natural Furifu Hydrangea Kingyo ¥15,800 Goldfish Embroidery Obi ¥18,000 Magic Heko ¥12,000 Pearl Band ¥7,800 Goldfish Julie Obidome ¥4,800 Geta Julie Goldfish ¥14,800 Ponpon Chrysanthemum Clip ¥6,800 (all tax excluded)

How was it?Yukata can be tasted in an extraordinary feeling just by wearing it, but depending on where and what you do, the fun will increase by twice or three times.This time I introduced the town of Yanesen in the beginner's edition, but I will tell you a fun spot when I go out in yukata again.Please look forward to!