NEW Arrival July-vol.1<br> It’s summer… I want to enjoy the layer!Docking and see-through

NEW Arrival July-vol.1
It’s summer… I want to enjoy the layer!Docking and see-through


It's summer.Just a T-shirt is good, but it's kind of too rough.This time I will introduce the recommended docking design and see-through items in such a case.It is a textile of bibidi ribbon which is perfect for summer.

One piece that can be worn with one piece.Playful in color and pattern

A dress with a refreshing green bi-color that catches your eye.Textiles are docked like gilets, so you can enjoy the layers.A highly designed piece that can adjust the appearance of the color by the tightening condition of the decorative belt of the waist part.
If you want to give a sense of trend, put on a pleated skirt and make a long wampi.You can wear it with low sandals or sneakers for a casual look.
Bibidi ribbon color scheme switching dress ¥29,800 +tax
Zigzag color scheme skirt ¥18,500 → ¥14,800 +tax (20% OFF)
Square Ata bag ¥18,000 +tax
Cross belt double sole sandals ¥16,000 → ¥12,800 +tax (20% OFF)

Feminine and adult.Exciting summer proposal

The design like tying a scarf is rare, T-shirt of great success this summer.The design that you can enjoy the pattern boldly makes you feel better even in the rainy season.
With textiles on the cuffs and feminine detail, the piece goes well with casual denim.It is a top that becomes the leading role of coordination.
Bibidi Ribbon Hirahira T-shirt ¥13,000 +tax
Zigzag color scheme skirt ¥18,500 → ¥14,800 +tax (20% OFF)
Satin knot sandals ¥11,000 → ¥8,800 +tax (20% OFF)

Plus for casual style.Easy Sweet

Just incorporate it into your usual style, romantic at once.The girly tulle top with gather is transparent, so it comes in handy for layered.I put it on a T-shirt using the textile of Bibidde ribbon on the whole surface, and it looks like this year.
The black tulle has a moderate accent, and it might be easy to take it in.
Bibidi ribbon set T-shirt ¥15,800 +tax

Currently, a custom plan of bibidi ribbon set T-shirt is being held at the shop of Furifu.
●Color of the base of the inner T-shirt
●Design & color of tulle tops
Gather type ¥15,800 +tax
dot tulle type ¥14,800 +tax
Enjoy your favorite combination to suit your mood!
※ This plan is a limited plan of the store only.It is scheduled to end as soon as the stock runs out.
In various online stores, it is only available for sale in a fixed combination.Please note that.