2020-2021 Furifu Furisode Collection & Furisode Council

 2020-2021 Furifu Furisode Collection & Furisode Council


  Furifu is pleased to announce the new collection of furisode for everyone in their teens to 20 years old who are about to become a new adult.

Maribonbon has a retro color scheme that has been loved for a long time. 
“Cocoa gingham” has a monotone and mode atmosphere, but also has cuteness.  
And this time, we have prepared a special piece with hand-embroidered embroidery only at the store. “Butterfly Peony Furisode” has a delicately expressed motif of birds, butterflies, and peony, which is delicately expressed by artisans in Japan.   

 Cocoa gingham ¥85,800 
Bird butterfly Peony Furisode ¥440,000 *Limited to 9 pieces. Please contact the store.
(All prices include tax)


We have prepared a lot of very popular Eba furisode this year. 
Cranes lined up in plain fabric have a big impact. A vine march with a checkered pattern that gives a sense of depth.   
Mum that boldly arranges chrysanthemums, which are geometric and Japanese flowers.  
Shinshin Snow Rabbit that looks like a picture. The story of the rabbit begins.   

Crane March ¥184,800
mum ¥168,300
Shinshin Snow Rabbit ¥168,300
(All prices include tax)

  It will be sold from 8/7 (Fri) at the store. You can actually try them on at the store, so please feel free to drop in.  

  【Furisode conference held 8/1 (SAT)-31 (MON)】
At the Furifu’s store, we will hold a kimono consultation meeting for people aged 16 to 20 who are about to enter the ceremony!
I do not know how to choose furisode. I’m not sure whether to rent or buy. I want to use Mama’s furisode, but I want to change my outfit a little. How much does it cost The staff of Furifu will carefully respond to various concerns.
You can also bring your own furisode. Please feel free to contact us.

8/1 (SAT)-31 (MON) Furifu all stores held
*When you visit our store, you can make reservations smoothly in advance to avoid congestion. Please contact a Furifu store near you.