NEW Arrival August-vol.1  Fall ahead! Japanese textile

  NEW Arrival August-vol.1  Fall ahead! Japanese textile


Japan is a hot summer day. But in the world of fashion, you can see more and more autumn and winter items. This time, for those of you who don’t feel like it’s too hot to look at knitwear, we would like to introduce the Early Autumn Collection, where you can wear it right away from Furifu and get ahead of autumn.   

Preliminary autumn with small items! Natural outing style  

One of the textiles this time is “Maiougi”. Designed with a fan motif and chrysanthemums and camellias, initially developed as a pattern for furisode. The gorgeous furisode coloring was suppressed to off-white to beige natural color and dropped into apparel.
A more natural image with a khaki dress. The material is hemp-mixed and has a sharp feel, and it is still a great piece for this summer! The point of styling is to match the shoes and bags with leather materials in consideration of autumn and winter.    
Maiougi side switching dress ¥21,780
Anemone leather embroidery bag ¥20,900 (scheduled for release in September)

Matching of cool and refreshing colors 

Another textile is “Maribonbon”. The Japanese motif of furifura is brown and purple like autumn. The light blue color in the stripes is the key color, and the color scheme makes it easy to coordinate even during the hot summer months.
For a tunic type dress, relax with pants with a loose silhouette and sandals.  
Maribonbon Cut Sew Tunic Dress ¥18,480
Chirimen knit pants (sold together with the same material skirt) ¥19,800 (scheduled to be released in September)

A discerning silhouette that takes advantage of the pattern 

Volume blouse with plenty of textiles. The silhouette has been carefully designed, and the V-neck is clean on the front and back. As the cuffs contain rubber, it is a great item that can be used for 5 minutes at this time, long sleeves when autumn gets deeper, and long span!
The bottoms are also soft to the touch, and the materials with a feeling of falling are combined into a styling that combines activeness and femininity.  
Maribonbon Volume Blouse ¥20,680
Stretch pants with belt ¥17,380
Cross belt double sole sandals ¥17,600 → ¥12,320

How was it? The hot summer months are getting longer year by year, so when you’re a fashion lover you can enjoy layers and when autumn comes when more items are coming, when will it come? I feel itchy every year. Since it’s hot, I tend to choose cool and comfortable foods especially in summer (laughs), but it is also recommended to try autumn while just feeling, while devising colors and accessories.    

Textile Maribonbon/Maisougi Collection Special