You can wear a kimono or clothes! Usakoma’s cape turning technique

You can wear a kimono or clothes! Usakoma’s cape turning technique

What about outerwear this year? Fashionable is already wearing the antenna at this time.  
This time we will introduce the technique of wearing clothes using the standard furifu item “Cape”. Usakoma who is active as a kimono stylist will practice and explain as a model himself!   

Furifu is a popular cape every year. This year, we would like to introduce the best 2 type.
The classic wool cape has a smooth texture and high quality. Double-faced thick fabric with a moderate tension. The lining is a luxurious piece of original textile.
Stand color cape ¥42,900

The key point of the new knit cape is the ribbon embroidery in the back style. Because it is a knit, you can wear it casually and lightly. For those who already have an ordinary cape, it is also recommended as a second piece.
Ribbon embroidery knit cape ¥27,500

Commitment to silhouette and color! Stand collar cape

The crisp silhouette cape makes your casual outfit elegant. With a soft floral flocky lace and striped kimono, you can create an eclectic Japanese-Western style as if you were wearing a dress.
Very short with black hair, very short flocks with matching floral patterns, and dot flockies. Coordinates of basic color, thick bottom pumps, thick belt around the obi, etc. add a sense of play to the Western accessories.   

In contrast to kimono, in clothes, hair and make-up are coordinated with a street feeling. This three-dimensional silhouette of the cape also plays an important role in tightening the loose impression moderately!
If black is the base coordination, the outerwear tends to be black. If there is a large proportion of black overall, it may give the impression of being heavily sunk. In that case, please choose “Navy”. It will change from a chic atmosphere to a slightly casual style♪

Wearing items Stand color cape ¥42,900 
1/Flower stripe Flocky patchwork kimono ¥46,200 Dot Flocky lace obi ¥24,200 Other personal items
2/Furifu Punch Sweat ¥17,380 (scheduled for release in September) Other personal items

Ribbon embroidery knit cape with texture like this year

A kimono with a cute pansy pattern on the milky off-white knit cape.
Jacquard Haneri, grape OBI, pistachio green bandage, gold and black striped band tightening to match the color of the kimono. A clear design for the earrings and obi-dome will give a transparent look to the coordination of the soft colors. The light knit cape is perfect for a fall and winter outfit!
A cute ribbon embroidery is included on the back, and it is fun to associate kimono coordination from the color of this embroidery.  

For clothes, I tried to wear it over the denim outerwear like a shawl. If you choose casual items such as denim and sneakers, the white knit will not become too sweet and the balance will be good. The inside color is a green one-tone outfit, which tightens up white items that tend to expand.
The loose knit cape that does not get in the way even if you put it on, will be appreciated as a gift for those who wear kimono regardless of body shape. If it were me, I would make a small jump the moment I got

Wearing items Ribbon embroidery knit cape ¥27,500
1/Pansy ¥52,800 (WEB limited color) OBI Play around CAT ¥26,400 Cut jacquard Haneri ¥4,180 Naminami pearl velor Zouri ¥41,800 Pearl embroidery handbag ¥20,900 Other personal items
2/Maiougi side pleated skirt ¥23,980 Other personal items  

Styling comment/Usakoma 

How was it? The cape is an item that gives a classical and feminine impression, but since the sleeve shape is not fixed, you can enjoy it freely depending on how you wear it. There is no loss in having a cape with two birds with one stone that can be used in kimono and clothes! Please try this year.

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― Usakoma ― 
Kimono styling advisor/antique kimono shop “Usagi Komachi” shopkeeper

Under the theme of “easy for anyone to challenge”, we propose a real-closed kimono styling that incorporates the fashions of today. He is also active as a store owner of an antique kimono shop “Usagi Komachi”, a TV, magazine, and a teacher at a vocational school. YouTube [Usakoma Channel], which conveys your own experience and the real “now” and “how to enjoy” kimono, is being updated daily!
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