“Rendezvous” It’s a kimono that overlaps colors and meets

 “Rendezvous” It’s a kimono that overlaps colors and meets

The rendezvous, which expresses the theme of 2020AW “Color Trip” itself, is a kimono for enjoying colors.
It is dyed in five carefully selected colors for kimono, obi, sandals, obiage, obijime, and obi clasp.
A color journey that you can play with colors.
We propose the discovery of unique combinations.

In order to increase the number of variations, we dare to adopt a kimono called a two-part type. It has the advantage of being easy to wear and easy to wear, opening up new possibilities.
Although it is easy to wear for beginners, it is a new line of Furifu that requires a passion for kimono to dress.

Let’s discover your encounter together.

The model is dancer Aoi Yamada.
Born in 2000, from Nagano prefecture.
In addition to appearing in music videos such as Nullburich, Kenshi Yonezu, Mari Natsuki, and DAOKO, she performed at the new dumb type stage “2020” and the fashion brand “ENFOLD” at the Paris Collection. Mid-November “Prince of the Stars-Letter from Saint-Exupery-” will appear.
Aoi Yamada Official Instagram  /  Twitter
photo / ⓒTakeshi Hanzawa

9/15~ OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE Pre-order sales start

Sales will start in stores from the beginning of October.

Kimono is sold separately on the top and bottom. A plain kimono with a paisley pattern. Uses glossy jacquard fabric.

In addition, the same 5 colors are available in a series such as obi and kimono accessories.
The obi is a simple yet discerning obi that expresses the luster by raising the same paisley pattern as the kimono on the tint block. Obijime uses a combination technique that looks like a sword by inserting silver on both sides. Obi decoration featuring “color” with a sharp geometric motif. Obiage made of the same material as kimono. Zori is made of the same material as the kimono for the thong, and the base is made of synthetic leather with white piping to give it a sense of omission.

Enjoy playing with colors by combining each color.

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Rendezvous series all 5 colors (pink, purple, green, yellow, terracotta)
Kimono / top ¥22,000 Kimono / bottom ¥22,000
Obi ¥19,000 Obijime ¥8,000 Obi decoration ¥4,000 Obiage ¥8,000 Zouri ¥20,000
(non-taxed price)