Make yukata more fun!Kimono Bancho Direct Den, Code by Scene

Make yukata more fun!Kimono Bancho Direct Den, Code by Scene


At this time of year, when you can't wait to go out in yukata, we introduce the coordination of yukata linked to the destination by picking up three scenes.

I will deliver it with a wonderful illustration and a point commentary by Mr. Emi Matsuda of the illustrator and essayist that the head of the number of kimonos

Pure café tour – retro style to color the extraordinary –

Once you step into the store, you will feel like you have gone back in time to the Showa era.It is the yukata "Bibide ribbon" based on the antique color that fits well in the atmosphere.The ribbon of eight colors which flows through the whole body gives a soft impression, and summer flowers such as hydrangea and Yuri add color to the retro interior.With a wish for a nice encounter, i selected a blue bird brooch for the band fastening.Add a sense of fun with earrings inspired by cherries riding cream soda.It is also recommended to match the headdress and parasol.

Live – Exciting The rhythm that monotone produces

In the live scene that makes you feel open, you want to enjoy the more stylish than usual in order to enjoy the special time more deeply.The bi-colored yukata "Witch Cat Odd Eye" is designed with an edge that secretly foils the cat's face on the back.I took my cat which matched the cat mimi belt tightening in the band of "Odd eye Cat", and went to the hall.The style that the feeling bounces is completed by applying the piercing of the record linked with music.Don't forget to shorten the length a little more than usual and emphasize the ribbon of clogs.

Stage appreciation – special yellow corde

The nourishment of the mind is charged by the stage appreciation that i can enjoy my time carefully."Sister Moeon", which has a vivid anemone in the stripe, is arranged in a kimono style with a half collar.By bringing together accessories such as hair ornaments and fans in yellow of the same color as anemone, to styling to achieve a yellow thrust.The whole unified feeling is also up by limiting the color of the code.The belt recommends carta knot, including consideration for the ease of sitting and the back.The air-conditioning measures are made stylishly in the lace tabi, and it pretends to be a dekill woman casually.

Yukata with such a wonderful magic that changes the usual daily life into something special. When i go out wearing yukata when I take a walk in the neighborhood for a moment, i am sure that the city looks more sparkling than usual and the step becomes light.You can usually create a chemical reaction by incorporating accessories and accessories that are tailored to your clothes, or enjoy a link code to suit your destination, and feel free to find your own dress.

Illustration Emi Matsuda / Text Furifu

– Emi Matsuda / Megumi Meda –

An illustrator who likes kimonos and cats.In his book, there is a series of "Kimono Bancho" (Shodensha) which is based on the theme of making kimonos fashionable and fun on a daily basis.The Chinese version has also been published.
Instagram: @kimonobancho
Twitter: @kimonobancho
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