Adult summer festival at home!  <br>Let’s cool the evening with a yukata

  Adult summer festival at home!  
Let’s cool the evening with a yukata


The original yukata can be worn coolly on summer nights. It’s a waste to wear only at outside events! Why don’t you dress up in a yukata and do an “adult summer festival at home”?   
Furifu staff put on a yukata and tried out the summer festival at home from the evening. I don’t usually go to the staff’s home, so that alone is exciting. Here are some of them!    

 Cheers with handmade cocktails

Alcohol is good for adult summer festivals. If you combine it with a yukata, we recommend sangria with fruits. Cut the fruit of your choice and pour in sparkling wine to make it easy!    
This time, I made fun colors using peach, pine, pink grapefruit, and blueberry. Prepare cute straws and glasses to boost your mood!   

Festival candy with apple candy 

A stall is a festival! We tried the popular apple candy, which is now open in specialty stores. This time we used a slightly smaller apple variety called JAZZ apple.   

 1. Put sugar and water in a pan and heat on medium heat for 7 minutes until the sugar melts.
2. When it becomes transparent and thick, remove it from the heat, add food red and mix with a wooden spatula.  
3. Put a wooden muddler in the center of the apple, put it in the pan, and put the candy on it evenly.  
4. Place it on a bat, and if the heat is removed and it solidifies, it’s done!  

Ingredients: 3 small apples, 200 g sugar, 40 ml water, food coloring  

I arranged it on a blue plate so that the red apples could be seen. Apple candy looks cute, so I recommend taking a photo with your yukata!   

Adult hand held fireworks 

Handheld fireworks are recommended to feel the summer night. The annual fireworks display has been cancelled, but I want to feel it! There are many people who wear yukata and have fireworks hand-held.    
This time, I would like to introduce the fireworks set sold by Tokimasa Tsutsui Toy Fireworks Factory, one of the only three domestically produced sparklers in Japan. In addition to sparklers, various types of fireworks such as metal fireworks, Japanese fire, Western fire are included.   
“Wabi” is a fireworks made from materials that are available in Japan during the Edo period. “Yobi” is a firework that uses luminescent agents imported from foreign countries after the Meiji Restoration. For the first time, I learned that there are Japanese and Western on fire.    
Sparklers are very delicate, fragile and perfect for summer nights. Wearing a yukata will make you feel better! Please try it.    

What did you think. “A summer festival for adults at home,” prepared by ourselves wearing a yukata. There were various mistakes due to hand-made work , but that is also a memory. I really enjoyed it! You can also decorate your room and take pictures. After that, I also made and ate takoyaki.       
It’s comfortable to spend it in your house, and unlike the festivals outside, you can spend it cooler. It’s in such a time right now, why don’t you try “Summer to enjoy yukata at home”?