It’s summer!Furifu dressing lesson video that can be done by oneself

It’s summer!Furifu dressing lesson video that can be done by oneself


In Furifu's hp, for those who wear yukata for the first time, for those who wear yukata for the first time in a long time, we introduce the basic yukata dressing HOW TO in the video. The season of yukata production is finally here!How about practicing and reviewing at home while watching the video?

LESSON1 Yukata Dressing

LESSON1 introduces how to wear the basic yukata.
Commentary in an easy-to-understand even for the first time!Please refer to it by all means.
Lesson1 video is here

LESSON2 Yukata Obi-knot

LESSON2 introduces how TO of "Bunko-knot", which is a basic yukata obi knot.
If you can tie this, you can also challenge a variety of arrangements!
Lesson2 video is here

In addition, it is being released on IGTV in Furifu's official Instagram, such as obi-knot using a triple temporary string, HOW TO video of "cat Mimi knot" as if carrying a cat.Please take a look!  
Instagram @furifufurifu

Furifu dressing lesson & dressing service

Currently, we offer dressing lessons and dressing services at Furifu's shopfront.

< Kimono lesson campaign>
At the store, we present three free dressing lesson tickets to customers who purchased yukata (or kimono) and obi as a set.
I want to receive a lecture directly to the staff!It is recommended for those who say.

<Dressing service>
We provide dressing services to customers who purchase yukata (or kimono) and obi as a set at the store.On outings, anniversaries, and your important days, furifu's staff will dress you up.

※ Reservation of dressing lesson and service is accepted at the purchase store. We accept only during the opening hours of the store.Depending on the date and time, we may not be able to accept it.Please note that.

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection at each furifu store, we are carrying out the following:
・Wearing staff masks  ・hand washing, gargling, thorough hand disinfection
・Cleaning of the store with disinfectant solution  ・Temperature test and physical condition confirmation at the time of staff attendance

When dressing lessons and services are provided, we give due consideration to preventing the spread of infection, but we ask that you cooperate with us in the following areas.

Please be sure to wear a mask.
Lesson, please disinfect the hands and fingers before and after the dressing
In order to avoid crowding, after wearing an inner yukata, obi-knot will be carried out outside the fitting room
Lessons, dressing, will be within 15-30 minutes
If the physical condition is not good, and the fever is higher than the normal temperature, please do not overdo it, change the schedule, or cancel.You can contact me on the day.