New Furifu Beginning

New Furifu Beginning


Pretending to suggest no other attire this spring, more and more upgrades

The latest arrival information and allekore related to kimono, exciting news and useful information are delivered at any time.

In the new recommendation by the buyer, we introduce the latest items of furifu, such as yukata, clothes, and accessories. Don't miss a good release according to the buyers who create the furifuism!

In addition, how to video distribution for The Japanese-style original mind also started. For beginners who want to wear kimonos and yukata from now on, we will deliver useful videos such as "how to dress yukata" and "basic obi knot". Because it is a lecture by the animation, it is a point that it is glad to be seen over and over again more clearly. Because it is scheduled to be delivered irregularly by changing the content, it is necessary to check it.

"Kimono's Chief Taught" In "Yoko-by-Ykata Coordination", we introduce the coordination of yukata to suit various scenes by illustrator Emi Matsuda that the head of the kimono number length. I will deliver the stylish styling that I want to do immediately, such as the back tech to dress yukata naturally, and the coordination technique of the accessory that can be used with a nice illustration of Mr. Matsuda and a comment. It is a mistake that japanese dress becomes fun without dressing up one rank!

Of course, the latest store information, pop-ups, event information, and other topics you are interested in Update here from time to time!

In order to enjoy the kimono yukata life more than ever, shift change to a deeper and more enjoyable furifu We will pick up and deliver information and featured news that can be used in various scenes.